A recipe for making potato salad – No. 2 Boil one quart of small potatoes, Bermuda potatoes are best. Do not peel them, just wash and scrub the potatoes thoroughly in cold water. Put them in a kettle with enough cold water, slightly salted, just to cover them; stand them over a brisk fire with the kettle covered until the water begins to boil; then turn down the heat, lift the cover of the kettle slightly and let the potatoes cook slowly till done. Drain off the water and stand the potatoes where they will get cold. But do not put them in a refrigerator. When quite cold, peel the potatoes and slice them very thin in a salad bowl. To every two layers of potato slices sprinkle over a very light layer of white onions sliced very thin. Texas onions are particularly fine for this purpose. When the salad bowl is well filled pour over the salad a French dressing made of equal parts of oil and vinegar; let the vinegar be part tarragon; use a palatable amount of salt and pepper.

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