Cold salad recipes

Welcome to cold salad recipes, a site with over 100 recipes for various types of salad. Salads make for a great, tasty, healthy meal, whether as a main course for lunch or dinner, in between main meals, or on the side. They can also be easy to prepare when one uses simple salad recipes. The recipes on this site are collected from several public domain recipes books some of which are nearly one hundred years old. There are so many types of salads. Add to that the huge variety in dressings and a salad can be different every day. Glad you stopped by our cold salad recipes site.

This site may be especially useful for those searching for simple salad recipes, salmon salad recipes, beet salad recipes, easy fresh fruit salad recipes, and cold salad recipes in general. It may also interest those who like recipes for fruit salad or are looking for a simple potato salad recipe. Thanks for visiting the site and hope you found these simple salad recipes useful.

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