A recipe for making ginger-ale salad – Soak four tablespoons of gelatine in four tablespoons of cold water for twenty minutes. Now add to the gelatine one-half cup of boiling ginger-ale. Stir until gelatine is dissolved and then strain. Add the balance of the one pint bottle of ginger-ale. Let cool, and then rinse off mould in ice water to thoroughly chill, and then coat the mould with the gelatine by pouring in about one-quarter cup and turning the mould until it is thoroughly coated. Now place pieces of preserved ginger in designs in the bottom of the mould, also using a few maraschino cherries. Pour a little gelatine over this and then when firm pour in sufficient gelatine to form a layer. Repeat this until the mould is filled. In warm weather pack the mould in salt and ice mixture for quick results.

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