A recipe for making cucumber salad – Pare the cucumbers and then cut into thin slices and cover with two tablespoons of salt and cracked ice for one hour. Wash and then drain. Now shred fine the coarse green leaves of the lettuce. Arrange the cucumbers on the prepared lettuce and serve with sour cream dressing.

Here are photos from me trying out this cucumber salad recipe. Peeling (paring) the cucumber was easy.

paring / peeling a cucumber
Peeling a cucumber

Next I just pulled some leaves of iceburg lettuce from a head of lettuce and then chopped them into small pieces.

lettuce before shredding
Some pieces of lettuce before shredding

After putting the shredded lettuce into a clear glass bowl, I sliced the cucumber and put the circular slices onto the lettuce.

sliced cucumbers on lettuce
Sliced cucumbers placed on shredded lettuce

For a dressing, I used a store bought cucumber dressing which had sour cream in it. I didn’t add any salt as the dressing already had enough.

cucumber salad with sour cream dressing
A cool and simple cucumber salad with sour cream dressing

This is a very quick and easy salad to make. It was simple to prepare, and yet tasted very nice. A cool, light salad, perfect for enjoying on hot summer days.

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