A recipe for making potato salad – No. 1 Boil ten potatoes (small, round ones preferred) in their skins. When done, peel them while, still hot and slice in thin, round slices. Spread over the potatoes one onion, sliced fine, and sprinkle generously with salt and pepper, add one tablespoon of mustard seed, one-half tablespoon of celery seed, and one-half tablespoon of sugar. Beat one egg until light, pour two tablespoons of goose or chicken fat, melted, over the eggs, stir well, add one-half cup of vinegar, pour over the seasoned potatoes: then add one-quarter cup of hot water and if necessary, add a little more vinegar, salt or pepper. One or two chopped hard-boiled eggs added improves the salad. Line a salad bowl with lettuce leaves, pour in the salad and decorate the top with grated hard-boiled eggs. Melted butter may be used if for a milk meal or heated olive oil for a parve salad in place of the melted fat.

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