A recipe for making potato cup for salad – Boil medium-sized potatoes in their jackets. Cool and then peel. With a teaspoon scoop out a well in the centre, leaving a thin wall of potato. Now trim neatly into shape. Place in a bowl and marinate in French dressing, turning frequently so that each position may be seasoned. Now prepare a filling as follows: One cold boiled beet, cut into tiny dice, One-half cup of cooked peas, One onion, grated, Three tablespoons of finely minced parsley, One-half cup of cold boiled potatoes, cut into tiny dice. Toss the vegetables gently to mix. Season with salt and pepper and reduce four tablespoons of mayonnaise with two tablespoons of vinegar. Fill into the potato cups and place in a nest of crisp lettuce leaves. Garnish with mayonnaise and serve ice cold.

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