A recipe for making jellied potato salad – Prepare one quart of thinly sliced cold boiled potatoes and then add Two cups of lettuce, shredded very fine, Three medium-sized onions, chopped fine, Two green peppers, chopped fine, Five tablespoons of finely chopped parsley, Two teaspoons of salt, One-half teaspoon of white pepper. Cover with Three-quarters cup of mayonnaise dressing, One-quarter cup of vinegar. Toss gently to mix. Now chill a baking pan by placing on ice. Make two quarts of lemon gelatine. Pour some gelatine in the pan and turn it so as to make one-half-inch coating of gelatine all over the pan. Now spread on the potato salad in an even layer. Pour over the salad a little gelatin every few minutes to fill the crevices and cover the top. Set aside to mould and then when ready to serve, dip the pan in warm water for a few minutes and then unmould on a pastry board. Cut into squares and place in a nest of crisp lettuce leaves and garnish with a teaspoon of mayonnaise dressing.

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