1 Salt Herring Cold slices of Meat 1 teaspoonful Mustard 1 Beetroot. 4 tablespoonsful Oil. 3 tablespoonsful Tarragon Vinegar 1/2 oz. Capers 3 Boiled Potatoes. Wash the herring in cold water and soak it in milk for an hour; cut it open and take out the bone and slice up both the fish and the meat. Arrange in a bowl, chop the capers and put over. Put the mustard into a basin, add gradually the oil and vinegar; pour this, when well mixed, over the fish and meat, and cover with slices of cold potatoes. Garnish with any cold vegetables in the larder or with some green pickles from a bottle of pickles, a little chopped parsley, and some small radishes.

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