A recipe for making english water-cress salad – Cut five strips of bacon in dice and then brown nicely in a frying pan. Lift cooked bacon, drain off the fat, leaving only about five tablespoons in the pan. Now place in a cup One-half teaspoon of mustard, One-half teaspoon of sugar, One teaspoon of salt, One-half teaspoon of paprika, Four tablespoons of vinegar. Dissolve and pour into the hot fat, bring to a boil and then add the cooked bacon. Now place the prepared water-cress in a bowl and pour over it the bacon with the prepared dressing. Toss gently to mix and then garnish with hard-boiled eggs (sliced). Corn salad, cabbage, lettuce, romaine and escarolle salads may be used in place of the water-cress for variety. Radishes should be well washed and then allowed to crisp in cold water. Split from the tip to the stem end in quarters. Large radishes may be peeled and cooked until tender in boiling water and then drained and served with a cream, Hollandaise or plain butter sauce for variety.

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